halfsour “Built-In Guilt” sticky (2019)

halfsour “paper window” sticky (2019)

Groupie “Five Year Plan” Validated (2018)

Soft Fangs "Honey Colony" Fractures (2017)

Cloud Cover "Magic Medicine (Live)" Mirror Me (2016)

Littler "Running Hot" Bad Hand (2017)

Lubec "Cosmic Debt" Cosmic Debt (2016)

halfsour "Land of..." Land Of Discarded Ideas (2016/2017)

Littler “Oversteeped” Bad Hand (2017)

Cloud Cover "Mirror Me" Mirror Me (2016)

Lubec "Hard Potential" Cosmic Debt (2016)

Kindling "Black Eye" Everywhere Else (2016)

halfsour "Ten Year Tenure" Charm School (2016)

Soft Fangs "Birthday" The Light (2016)

Funeral Advantage "Not In My House" Body Is Dead (2015)

Soft Fangs "The Wilderness" The Light (2016)

Infinity Girl "Firehead" Harm (2015)

Soft Fangs "Inside Joke" Soft Fangs (2014)

Funeral Advantage "Sisters" Body Is Dead (2015)

Everything and Everyone "Really It" Fighting The Sound (2015)

Infinity Girl "Dirty Sun" Harm (2015)

Funeral Advantage "Gardensong" Body Is Dead (2015)

Soft Fangs "Dog Park" Soft Fangs (2014)